Development Ventures Group, Inc. (“DEVEN”) is the result of the merger of two long-standing Kajima USA subsidiaries: Commercial Developments International (“CDI”) and Kajima Urban Development (“KUD”).   Both entities were formed prior to 1990, with CDI specializing in office buildings and KUD focusing on mixed-use and public private partnerships.

DEVEN blends the strengths of these two companies, deepening the development capabilities and financial expertise of both, while broadening their market reach and professional relationships. Both firms have always focused on high quality real estate assets, and that will continue. Also continuing is a reliance on a deep analytical approach to investing and an enduring commitment to integrity in all our dealings.

Our mission is to develop, invest in, and own projects that offer superior risk-adjusted returns.  We believe that a company of means with an intimate understanding of real estate can transform difficult projects into successful ventures for owners and investors, and for governmental partners as well.  Our success as a developer in the private and public sectors stems from actively managing that process from start to finish, innovative structuring, and an unwavering commitment to our clients and investors.  As an investor we rely on rigorous analysis, creative transactions, and the same commitment to integrity in all our dealings, and we have a long track record of success confirming that this approach works.